6 Best Tips to Choose Wall Painting Services in Indonesia

July 13th 2022

Check Your Wall

Take your time to inspect the wall area that you want to paint. You may start from its material and the room interior painting for it. Mostly, the house in Indonesia uses brick and mortar for its wall. However, if you own a house with a rare wooden wall, you may need to find a different painting service than the brick painter. 

You also need to consider the size as well. Mostly, the wall painting service will put this size into its price. Bigger sizes mean a more expensive price. Your budget is one of the most essential factor to consider before searching your options of painting company in Indonesia. Beside of the size, your budget will be determined by the quality of painting materials. So, make sure you have enough budgets to afford the service for the size of the wall you want to paint.

Wall Painting Company Status

Find more about the wall painting company you are going to use. Are they reliable and trustable? How the response from their clients after using their service? You can find this on many websites on the internet. Use the Wall Painting Services in Indonesia as the keyword to find the information that you need.

Unfortunately, many painting services in Indonesia are provided by an individual or small group. Big companies that deal with the painting job in Indonesia are not that many. Even if you can find it, mostly, they will have more expensive prices. So, it is a little bit difficult to check the individual provider like this. But, if they have social media, like Facebook and such, you can use it as your reference or you may ask Renodots to find out about their quality.

Check the Painting Job Result

Speaking about room interior painting quality, you also need it in your consideration list before choosing the service. The wall painting company chosen should have the capacity to handle the size and the concept of your project. Once again, you can only find the result from their official online source. It could be a website, blog, or social media platform.

If they post their works or portfolio, it would be much easier to know how good they are. However, if you can’t find it, it would be better to avoid that kind of home painting service. It is too risky, plus you might spend more than what it should be.

Choose the Service with Insurance

In Indonesia, it is difficult to find a painting service that offers official or legal insurance like what you can find in other countries. Insurance in Indonesia is mostly limited to health, car, and life. So, for specific insurance for Wall Painting Services to protect the client's house from damage during the project is none. 

 However, you can solve it by looking for a service that offers a refund or compensation when the painter make mistake. Mostly, this type of insurance doesn’t have fixed and clear rules on how you can claim it. So, mostly, it is based on trust, especially if you use the home painting service provided by an individual.  

Choose the Service that Can Communicate Well

Actually, wall paint design concept can be thought off before you choose the wall painting services company. When you have the concept, at least you can already picture that you want to make. For further find the painting service that can provide a good communication situation is important.

It means you can discuss anything related to the painting job to them and they provide a satisfying answer for you. Choose a service where you can discuss your ideas and painting job. It is much better if they can meet you in person and talk about what kind of wall paint design that you can use and is perfect for your room. 

In Indonesia, this kind of discussion is pretty common in many services. So, it won’t be that hard to find the wall painting service that provides this advising service for its clients. Furthermore, when you discuss the wall paint design, you also can discuss the prices. You can even negotiate and get a lower price than the price they set in the beginning. Of course, it depends on how you talk it out with the painter.

Find the Service with Right Pricing

After you negotiate the price, it doesn’t mean you can use that service right away. Find other services, and compare the prices they offer to you. What you are looking for here is not the cheapest price. However, the price should be equal to the service quality and the condition of the wall area. If you are looking for wall painting professional visit our handyman service to get quotation.

 In Conclusion

If you had experience living in other countries and using the Wall Painting Services there, you will find a big difference with the service in Indonesia. However, our tips will help you to get the solution and the best service that you need for a wall painting job. You will get a satisfying result and minimise the risk and problems. More importantly, you can get it at affordable prices.